European Film Business and Law LL.M. | MBA – Application

Welcome to your application!*

Some information before starting the application

Please fill in the following form and upload all required documents via file upload. Ideally, all required documents should first be saved and merged into a PDF. This can be done, for instance, with the free PDF24 programme ( If you want to send the documents later, send them collectively to

The documents to be uploaded are as follows:

In case you do not have all the documents at hand, while submitting your application, please send us an email beforehand.

  • Signed Curriculum Vitae
  • University certificates/transcripts (a copy of the diploma of the first degree, transcript of records or suitable preliminary proof of the grades obtained in the first degree)**
  • a copy of the Diploma Supplement or other suitable proof from the university of all achievements up to the first professional degree
  • Certificate of university entrance qualification (the university entrance qualification is a diploma or school certificate that allows/allowed you to start your bachelor’s degree course at university (e.g. high school diploma, attestat, baccalaureat, bachillerato, general certificate of education, etc.).
  • Proof of professional experience
  • Proof of English language skills (C1)
  • Any other proof of achievements, if available
  • For MBA applicants – VDP issued by uni-assist***

**Please note: Translation of university certificates: If certificates are in a language other than German or English, a German or English translation shall be provided at the expense of the applicant, the accuracy of which shall be certified by a sworn interpreter or translator.

***Important for MBA Applicants | Evaluation of Certificates by uni-assist
Applicants who have obtained their first university degree outside Germany must have their certificates checked and evaluated by uni-assist portal.
Further information can be found on the website of the Film University and the uni-assist website. (uni-assist only carries out a first check of the certificates for the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF and creates a „preliminary review documentation“ („Vorprüfungsdokumentation“) (VDP).
In order to complete your application, filling out the following form, you need to upload your VDP, if already available; or at least the receipt that confirms your registration in the uni-assist portal.
In case you have uploaded the receipt during the application process, you must then send final VDP to as soon as the document is issued.
Please make sure to upload all the other required documents via this EPI application form!

Request of an EPI scholarship

During the application process, you will have the opportunity to apply for the EPI scholarship. The application for the scholarship is optional and is not required for applying to the study programme.
When requesting the scholarship, please provide a motivation letter of maximum 2000 characters.

All documents at hand

It is not possible to temporarily save the application during processing. Accordingly, please prepare all required documents in advance, as well as the motivational letter for applying for the scholarship if you plan to apply for it.

Please note that the motivation letter is only required for the scholarship application, not for the master’s program application.

Good luck!

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